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its like boys are the oscars and im leonardo dicaprio


I would sit in a parking lot with you at 2am

"He is exactly
the poem
I wanted to write."
-Mary Oliver (via heartesque)

perhaps the reason 
you hate yourself so much
has to do with the fact that 
you’ve poured all your love
into someone else
and left none for yourself



joining the football so i can slap their butts

joining the football

Artist: men that are like that



actual audio of a straight man explaining that “not all men are like that” in response to tumblr posts

"Did you ever say yes to a pleasure? Oh my friends, then you also said yes to all pain. All things are linked, entwined, in love with one another."
-Friedrich Nietzsche (via jailor)

people underestimate my ability to cut them out of my life when they fuck me over